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Branded Keg Collars (Labeled Neck Rings) [NEW design submission, only]

Starting at- $502.85

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Branded Keg Collars

Keg Collars (also called Neck Rings) help you to fulfill one of the Federal ATF requirements for keg labeling. Be compliant AND build your brand with BRANDED Keg Collars. Space above the required language can be used for your logo, street address, web address, phone number, and liquid volume contained (for example). Below the required language is space for checkboxes next to the names of your popular brews. We recommend also having a blank line on which you can write or label your special/seasonal brews.

Our keg collars are 6.75″ in diameter and pop on your kegs easily. Tabs around the center help keep it there (won’t fall off)!

Units of 500 at only .89 per BRANDED keg collar! Check our Bulk Pricing table for greater savings at higher order quantities. Note that you must CALL (1-888-462-1937) to place orders for more than 2000. Orders of 500, 1000, or 2000 may be placed in your cart now.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in
Neck Ring Quantity

500 collars for $502.85 ($1.0057 Each), 1000 collars for $904.00 ($0.9040 Each), 2000 collars for $1,514.20 ($0.7571 Each), 5000 collars for $3,729.00 ($0.7458 Each), 10000 collars for $7,119.00 ($0.7119 Each), 20000 collars for $13,560.00 ($0.6780 Each)