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Tamper-Evident Keg Caps (Your Brand – Choice of colors)

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-Labels Are Self Applied-

200  at $0.4393 Each  (200 x 1)
400 – 600 at $0.3356 Each (200 x 2, 200 x 3)
800 – 3,800 at $0.3138 Each (200 x 4, 200 x 19)
4,000 – 7,800 at $0.2301 Each (200 x 20 OR 4000 x 1)
8,000 – 15,800 at $0.1674 Each (200 x 40 OR 4000 x 2)
16,000 – Max at $0.1569 Each (200 x 80 OR 4000 x 4)

Note: To receive the proper discounts, Do not order both 200 and 4000 pieces together, only order in increments of 200 OR 4000. Your cart should only have increments or 200 or 4000 but not both.  Thank you.

Tamper-Evident Keg Caps snap onto the keg neck and but can only be removed by pulling a tab that breaks the cap open – giving you visible evidence that it has been tampered with. If your Tamper-Evident Keg Cap is intact upon delivery your customers know the integrity of the contents is intact. Like vented keg caps, these caps keep debris from getting into your keg necks and therefore your kegs. They are available in black or white. Generic caps contain no branding. However, optionally, you can print and affix your own labels to our generic keg caps, or (in the case of the white) write on it with a permanent marker.

Unlike most outlets, we produce our caps in our sister company’s injection molding facility, meaning that Keg Basics/Triad Products can offer you the BEST prices and DEEPEST discounts, especially on quantity orders.

Note: These are BRANDED LABELS on Tamper-Evident Keg Caps.  Labels are on a Roll.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in
Cap Color

Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow