Keg Collar Combo Packs

Why not brand both? Grab a combo pack containing both the keg collars and cap rings and save time branding your kegs.

Full color, 2.25″ diameter adhesive labels proclaim your brand, loud and clear! We print your labels in-house (not outsourced) to provide you with both the fastest delivery time AND the best prices in the industry. The image accompanying is of a Tamper-Evident Keg Cap with the label applied. Note that what you will receive is a roll of printed labels with your artwork and information for you to apply to your Tamper-Evident Caps. Cap rings color choices (White, Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow).

Tamper-Evident Keg Caps snap onto the keg neck and but can only be removed by pulling a tab that breaks the cap open. If your Tamper-Evident Keg Cap is intact you know the integrity of the keg is intact. Like vented keg caps, they keep debris from getting into your keg necks and therefore your kegs. They are available in black or white. 2.25″ diameter circular, full-color printed labels are available to provide strong branding for your business.

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