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Keg Caps

Triad Products Co. provides two different types of custom keg caps: vented keg caps and tamper-evident keg caps.

Custom Vented Keg Caps by Triad Products Co. Hot Stamped Keg Caps, Labeled Keg Caps, vented keg caps, tamper evident keg caps

Vented Keg Caps

The Vented Keg Caps made by Triad Products Co. not only protect the filling and dispense valve, but they also prevent the build-up of mold around the valve. If the keg were to be dropped, the vents allow for more pressure to be released without the cap falling off compared to non-vented caps. The vented caps are available in three styles: blank, hot stamped, and labeled. They are also available in seven different colors.

Tamper-Evident Keg Caps

Along with providing the benefits of a vented keg cap, the tamper-evident keg cap clearly indicates if the keg has been tampered with. This helps monitor your supply chain, while still keeping mold from building up around the valve.

Custom Options


Triad Products Co. Keg Caps come in two styles: vented and tamper-evident. Vented keg caps not only protect the filling and dispense valve, but the vents allow for more pressure release than non-vented caps. There are seven color options for blank vented keg caps: yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, and clear.

The tamper-evident keg caps cannot be removed without damaging the cap. This clearly indicates whether the keg has been tampered with or not. Tamper-evident caps are available in white.

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A process called hot stamping takes pre-dried foils at a high temperature that will print your logo and/or style of beer on any of our colored caps. We have multiple foil colors to choose from for the hot stamp design. All hot stamp designs are suitable for single color impressions.

Some other hot stamped caps:

Custom Vented Keg Caps Custom Vented Keg Caps Custom Vented Keg Caps

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Printed labels can be applied to any color of the vented keg caps. The labels can be printed in full color, or whatever your brand's color scheme. They can include your logo, a design, beer name, and/or barcoding for easier inventory and processing control. We print in-house on a professional label printer and also automatically apply the labels to the vented keg cap color that you choose.

Some other keg cap labels:

Custom Vented Keg Caps Custom Vented Keg Caps Custom Vented Keg Caps

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Brewers of ales and lagers aren't the only ones who keg and want to promote their brand! Coffee brewers, Kombucha, and Root Beer/Soda keggers are discovering our keg accessories too! Our keg caps work great for coffee companies that serve kegged cold brew or Nitro Coffee. Our clients include Stumptown Coffee, Caveman Coffee Co. and Confluence Coffee Co. We are have a growing list of Kombucha and Soda producers who love our products. See our Keg Wraps, too!

Some coffee and other keg cap labels:

Confluence Coffee Keg Cap Label Caveman Coffee Keg Cap Label

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Keg Collars

generic keg collars

Triad Product Co.'s Generic Keg Collars, also known as neck rings, provide an easy way to satisfy Federal keg labeling laws. Our custom keg collars are also and excellent opportunity to display your logo, brewery name, style of beer and all required government warnings and cautions. Keg Collars are made of a vinyl material that is durable and water and beer resistant.

There is an artwork set-up fee and volume discount pricing is available. Call us for details: 1-888-462-1937

Generic keg collars are readily available for customers with all the necessary information and can be shipped quickly.

Some other keg collars:

Custom Keg Collars

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KEG I.D. Strips

Keg I.D. Strips by Triad Products Co.

Keg I.D. Strips are just another great and simple way to creatively show your brand, name, and contact information, while meeting regulatory requirements. They also help make sure that your valuable kegs find their way home! Keg I.D. Strips are made of a polyester tape for easy application and long-lasting adhesion to the keg. Quality printing is ensured through the use of permanent inks. Various ink colors are available.

Some other keg I.D. strips:

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Keg Bungs

Keg Bungs for Hoff Stevens Kegs by Triad Products Co.

The Keg Bung is specifically created for the Hoff-Stevens kegs and other kegs with bung holes. The flavor of the beer is unaffected. Uniformity of material makes the product consistent and environmentally controlled storage is unnecessary. Elasticity of the Keg Bung allows longer life by resisting scored and scratched keg necks.

Keg Bung Dimensions, Size of the Keg Bung

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About Us

Keg Basics products are created by Triad Products Co. located in Hastings, NE. Triad Products Co. is a part of the Triad Group of Companies. All of the Keg Basics products are manufactured in the USA. Triad Products Co. is the leading manufacturing supplier to the craft brewing industry and is a part of the Craft Brewer's Association. Triad Products, through their Keg Basics division, works with all sizes of breweries to help them comply with Federal Keg Labeling Laws and build their brand as their business grows.

Keg Basics exists to provide you the simplest and most cost-effective way to comply with the ATF's Federal Regulations relating to "Marks, Brands, and Labels" for "Barrels and kegs". We've been helping breweries do it for over 20 years! Give us a call (1-888-462-1937) or visit our online eCommerce store to get started.


Our History

The Triad Group has been serving the brewing industry since 1965 and have been creating vented keg caps since they were created in 1983. The Keg Bung has been created by the Triad Group of Companies since 1975 and was previously known as The Denver Bung. All of the brewery industry products were moved to Triad Products Co. in 1999 and they have been creating the products since. Triad Products Co. makes:

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